We introduce ourselves as a leading company offering integrated marketing communication solutions to corporate for more than a decade. Nisus has been an integral part of the changing market dynamics that witnessed the drastic shift in lifestyles and cultures due to globalization. Nisus has successfully designed and implemented integrated marketing communication solutions to most of the corporate giants. nisus has launched new brands in diverse markets, created market share for lesser known brands, educated targeted consumers, designed and executed customized IMC campaigns and has created an identity for itself, as experts in integrated Marketing Communication Solutions.

In today’s times with constantly changing concepts in lifestyles, changing from sellers market to buyers market, monopoly to options, today a customer is the king and to know his needs, wants and preferences has become the key factor. Nisus provides the personal information necessary to customize the communication. To meet the needs and desires of the individual customer. To target, reach and communicate with precision to maximize response and result, to get hot leads, retain customer, and identify new customers.

Nisus studies and understands various online and offline media the customer uses, when the message is most relevant to the customer, when customers and prospects are most receptive to the message, and by developing and coordinating a strategic communication program that enables to make constructive contact with the brand/ company, through integrating variety of media i.e. direct marketing, sales promotion, media promotion, branding, public relations, We call it nisusynergy. The One on One-Communication Solutions. To reach interact and convert.

A whole new approach to planning, marketing and communicating activities. Nisus has the resources, the ability and that much-valued experience; we gained through the close vibe we shared with our clients creating a mutually satisfying professional relationship.

  • Integrated Multichannel Marketing Communication
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Direct Marketing Campaign
  • Brand Communication
  • Entertainment Public Relation
  • Media promotion,print,Television,Online,Radio
  • Sales Promotion Campaigns
  • Media Relation
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Celebrity Endorsement