9 April


5 Ways you can engage your prospective buyers!

5 Ways you can engage your prospective buyers!

Today the  most concerning issue for companies large or small is to engage  prospective buyers,they are flooded with  content like never before,they too are struggling and learning to manage  the flow by  subscribing to relevant content and unsubscribing  what is not .Time,s have changed and so is the case with your buyers/prospects.Five ways you can engage them ….

  1. Make it relevant…it is important to make your content worth for your audience ,it must be informative, enlightening and of some value, information that raises their expectation, customize your communication and above all educate and influence them .
  2. Know your prospective buyers….you must have a clear insight of your targeted  audience ,i.e.demographic,preference,etc.
  3. Social Media:Choose which social media is right to reach your audience, i.e Linkedin for b2b Networking and positioning,Facebook for b2c sales &  promotion ,Instagram for the young ones  into Fashion, Snapchat for the teens and  to be teens,Twitter to get in mainstream positioning
  4. Make Your profile..Tell your story,write your profile professionally ,which helps create credibility and positioning.
  5. Your own blog.. create your own blog,post articles twice a week related to your profession,share important articles,





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