9 April


Why Integrated Marketing Campaign ?

A new approach in planning, marketing and communication activities. One that differs substantially from the traditional process.Synergy programs are customized Integrated Marketing Communication programs for products and services altogether new concepts for targeted consumers only. The complete program is a sum up of identifying, reaching, interacting and communicating with the targeted consumer to create a satisfied customer. The basic concepts of Integrated Marketing Communication Solutions is simply synergy. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The entire Integrated Marketing Communication activities are planned and tailor-made keeping in view the product USP’s and targeted consumers.

Understanding various online and offline media the customer uses, when the message is most relevant to the customer, when customers and prospects are most receptive to the message, and by developing and coordinating a strategic communication program that enables to make constructive contact with the brand/ company, through integrating variety of media i.e. direct marketing, sales promotion, media promotion, branding, public relations. The One on One-Communication . To reach interact and convert.




Integrated marketing services leader with more than 20-year history of driving key initiatives and results for companies and brands. Strong abilities to communicate and develop consensus simultaneously across diverse groups: audiences, internal clients, cross-functional teams, vendors, and suppliers. Consistent on-time, on-budget project completion across multiple brands and promotional vehicles identifying cost savings and productivity opportunities. Core competence executing multi channel interactive campaigns. Experience rendering Direct marketing / personalize selling/Sales Promotion, Entertainment Public Relations, Execution, Training and Consulting Services, for Hospitality Insurance , Telecom, Media, Entertainment and lifestyle

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